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Welcome to Brown Girl Beauty! Launched in May 2020, Brown Girl Beauty seeks to pioneer a new space for brown girls to love their skin. A brand born out of South Asian heritage, BGB seeks to empower women of color to celebrate, not erase brown skin.

Due to colonial beauty standards, even in India, Pakistan, and beyond South Asia - traditional brands tend to conform to antiquated beauty standards that cater to lighter skin tones. We want to rewrite the story and reclaim our own heritage and our OWN beauty by creating products that are truly made by us, for us. Brown Girl Beauty is a brand that is truly more than beauty, with the mission of empowering brown girls and all women of color to love themselves! 



Founder - Brown Girl Beauty

Brown Girl Beauty has been featured in Trailblazers, Brown Girl Magazine, and Pacific Retail's 'CosmeCon.' Contact us at info@shopbrowngirlbeauty.com!


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